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We are manufacturers of light steel products. Specializing in trusses, partitions, structural walls panels, joists, deck subframes. BSR SA is also the home of FrameBuilder-MRD for Sketchup. A comprehensive affordable LGS plugin for Sketchup. Draw and Generate CNC files for production.

Concrete meets bricks Light, white and tight scandinavian design White walls with designer chairs
Windows for the atrium Bedroom and office in one space Scandinavian design


Our design service focuses on what's best for your structure and what's best for you!

We offer a 3D rendering of your structure with full assembly guidelines. Order Light Gauge Steel components in flat pack or fully assembled at a nominal fee.

For the DIY Owner Builder, we offer a free consultation and assistance. We also can offer you an expert light gauge steel contractor to guide you through the steps at a fixed rate.


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